Radio Shack 1850 Chess


Over thirty years ago, I liked playing chess.

Sadly I had nobody to play with (other than my father, occasionally).

And so my parents bought me a Radio Shack 1850 (60-2201) chess board! As the manual’s second page states…

Radio Shack® 1850 is an uncomplicated yet state-of-the-art
chess computer which automatically registers your moves on
the built-in chessboard. It uses the 16 lights on the edge of the
board to indicate its own moves. This computer is battery
operated and contains a low-power memory which will retain
the last position of an interrupted game for up to 18 months.

18 months! Even my Kindle only lasts one or two months while in standby.

I decided to give that thing to my young nephew, and was hoping to find an online version of the manual, but I couldn't find any.

So after spending two nights searching everywhere, I finally found my original manual. I scanned it and am placing it on this page in case someone else needs it.

You can download it in English (OCR) or French (OCR).