Fallout 4 Toy Rocket ship


Toy Rocketship-1560x1440.jpg

Many, many years ago, I had a 3D adventure. Back then, I started with Povray, then eventually bought Carrara, Hexagon (for 2$!), Silo 2 and who knows how many useless stuff from Daz.

And yet I failed to do anything I liked, and just abandonned that kind of art.

Very recently, I installed Blender. I tried to work on my older Mac Mini, but the rendering was simply too slow. So I ended up installing OS X on my gaming PC (I’m way too confortable on OS X when not gaming, compared to Windows).

A Rocket ship!

For my first non-tutorial model, I decided to go for a rocket ship, heavyly inspired by Fallout 4’s toy rocketship.

I don’t like the window, but for a first model, I’m still trilled by the result!

I also made the out of focus background HDRI in Blender.

And here's my first result. Not too bad, for someone who never managed to do anything nice in 3D!